Rodin Museum Hotel Biron

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The hotel was built between 1728 and 1730 for Abraham Peyrenc of Moras, Inspector General of the bank founded by John Law, director of the Indies Company, enriched by its speculation on the money paper . The architect of the palace was Jean Auber, who is also the architect of the magnificent stables of Chantilly Castle. The palace was built in a style "rock" or "rococo" characterized by lines of pointing volutes in shellfish with their windings. The inside of the hotel also benefited of a quality decoration , with figured wainscot ; sixteen medallions or top-of-door painted by François Lemoyne, the first painter of King Louis XV, who also decorated the ceiling of the parlour of Hercules in the castle of Versailles. After the death of its owner, the hotel was leased and subsequently sold to the hero of the Battle of Fontenoy, the Marshal Biron, who gave his name to the hotel. The park was remodeled and became one of the most beautiful in Paris. The Duke of Lauzun, its last owner, was guillotined in 1793. The building was leased to entrepreneurs and it began to be deteriorated. Under the Consulate and the Empire, the hotel was refurbished and successively housed the papal legate, then the Russian Embassy. In 1820, the hotel was sold to the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was aimed at educating young girls of the aristocracy and high bourgeoisie. The mother superior made remove all items recalling the former luxury : wood, mirrors, paintings and ironwork. For the rest, have a look at the museum story.
In 1905, under the laws of separation between Church and State, the Hotel Biron was confiscated from the religious congregation who had a school there. At that time, it was an empty building with a fallow land park. The hotel was promised to demolition, but in the meantime, it housed a large number of artists, including Matisse, Cocteau, Isadora Duncan, René Maria Rilke, and above all, Rodin who settled there in 1908, dividing his workplace between the villa des Brillants of Meudon and the hotel Biron. Rodin overlaid drawings on the walls , his works in the halls of the hotel and his Antiquities in the park. The estate was acquired by the State in 1911. Rodin had a plan to make donation of his works to the State, on condition that a museum was dedicated to his work in the hotel Biron. After many difficulties, due to Rodin's work was considered sulphurous by many of his contemporaries. Rodin got his museum in 1919, two years after his death! The museum shows not only the works of Rodin (sculptures, drawings (architecture, landscapes, portraits, nudes, imaginary compositions from lectures ...) but also collections accumulated by the artist : Egyptian, Roman, Greek antiquities ; paintings (the naked woman of Renoir, Pere Tanguy of Van Gogh, Monet, Blanche, Falguière, Laurens ... works) visible in museum. On the other hand, the museum has nearly 8,000 vintage photographs accumulated by Rodin, but rarely exposed, for want of their fragility. Rodin Museum .


Map og the Hotel
Hotel Biron with the park where Rodin was instaled parallel with his house in Meudon

Duchesse de Choiseul (Rodin's mistress from 1904 to 1912) with Rodin in Hotel Biron-1910
Venus& the Graces showing to Amour the ardour of his arrows by Francois Lemoyne (1728)

Ugolin & his sons ( 1857 - 1867)

the "Bourgeois de Calais" (1884 - 1895)

The Discobolus a remind of Myron

The Thinker (1880-1882)

The gate of the hell (1885-1890), from the work of Dante

The 3 shadows (1889-1902)

The big shadow (1902-04)